Get Beyond Auto - Push Your Photography Further (The Evening Class) - Dec 2nd start by Eleanor Gillard

Get Beyond Auto - Push Your Photography Further (The Evening Class) - Dec 2nd start

Starts Dec 2, 2020 at 7:00 PM GMT

If you're the proud owner of a camera...

But you've never been quite sure what to do with it, or you're stuck using it on Auto and wondering why such an expensive bit of kit takes really average photos. 

This course is for you.

I'll teach you everything you need to know to confidently get out shooting. All the techy stuff, the arty stuff and everything in between. 

Taught by professional photographer Ellie Gillard, this online course will get you ready to get out and start shooting and improving your skill set.

No more average photos - learn to love your camera.

What to Expect

Over the course of three weeks we're going to cover the basics that we all need to get out and start shooting beautiful images. 

As a series of live Webinars over three weeks, you'll have the opportunity to interact with Ellie, your instructor, and ask questions just as you would in her 1:1 Get to Know Your Camera sessions.

By Christmas you'll primed to start taking photos like you'd always dreamed.

The course is non camera brand specific, and some of the lessons will be applicable even to things like phone cameras.

Buy this course if you want to take better photos

The Agenda

What's Happening When...

Wednesday 2nd December  - An Introduction and the Exposure Triangle.

This week we're going to look at camera basics and really get stuck into the exposure triangle and the basics of shooting manually. We're going to understand how modes like aperture priority can help you and I'm going to share my very simple rules for creative decision making.

Wednesday - 9th December - Focusing. Your Camera's other functions and lens choice.

We're going to dive deeper into what your camera can do, by looking at focussing modes, white balance, Metering Modes and we'll dive deeper into some of the advanced modes your camera might have.

We'll also look at lenses - how to understand lens descriptions and I'll share my favourite, cheap lens that will totally transform your work. We'll recap on what we learnt in week one and start to build a comprehensive understanding of taking photos.

Wednesday 16th December - Pulling it all together and the arty farty

Here's where it gets juicy and we start pulling it all together. We'll recap on how everything we've learnt works together to fuel your creativity. 

On top of that we'll look at external factors like the importance of the light, different types of light, how to shoot in each kind. Composition and colour.


What kind of camera do I need?

It's idea, but not essential, to have a DSLR or a mirrorless camera where you can control functions like the shutter speed and aperture and have interchangeable lenses. If you don't have interchangeable lenses, then you can still get lots from this course, as can you if you only have a phone camera. 

As the course if non brand specific, if you have access to your cameras manual it will be helpful as different cameras will have acess to the various functions in different places.

What if I can't make the live webinars?

Don't worry at all, there's never a date or time that suits anyone so the webinars will be recorded and uploaded and saved to both the course via this page and in the Facebook group so you can work through them at your own pace. You can then ask any questions either straight to me via email, or in the Facebook group.

I'm not on Facebook

Don't worry - although the group is there for participants to share their work and bounce ideas around, as well as one way to share the webinars. They will also be streamed into YouTube Live and saved direct into your Podia account, so you can still access everything.

What Time does it start?

Each week the classes will start at 7pm, and we should be finished by 8.30pm.

I'm Ellie - a UK based professional wedding photographer by day:

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Since my first wedding in 2011, I've shot nearly 300 weddings in 7 different countries and I'm so, so lucky that I get to call what I do work. I've been featured on sites like Refinery 29 and magazines like Rock N Roll Bride, and was voted one of the 'top photographers everyone want to work with' by One Fab Day and one the UK top wedding photographers by SLR Lounge.

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