Learn to Light: Simple Flash for Wedding Photographers by Eleanor Gillard

Learn to Light: Simple Flash for Wedding Photographers

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If you’ve ever found yourself in a sticky situation at a wedding – awful weather, dark venue, high ceilings, no natural light, and wondered how you could have managed it if you were more confident with your flash. Have you ever snuck off and had a little cry, or needed to take some deep breaths because it feels like it’s going SOOOO badly wrong.  
I’ve been there too – worried that my couples might complain, or worse, because the light was so bad. 
 I know you live for beautiful, natural light – me too, and I’d use it exclusively if I could but sometimes you’ve got no choice except to bring it. 

In almost 10 years of photographing weddings I’ve developed some simple tricks to shoot effortlessly with artificial light – flash both on and off camera, and video light too. I want you to experience the same freedom that comes from knowing exactly what to do, without a huge shopping list of gear. Get started with what’s in your kit bag.

Still not sure?

Then why not sign up for an absolutely FREE lesson where I talk about how flash has saved me time and time again throughout my career, and why I think it's so important.

In fact this course will save you money

because we all tend to think we need to go and acquire more kit to be happy with flash, and actually we just need to know how to work with what we’ve got. I promise you, with these techniques, you’ll absolutely smash your next wedding.

Don’t wait to start feeling in charge of your gear, instead of it feeling like it’s in charge of you.

What it's all about...

We’ll look at how I light weddings in challenging scenarios

with a simple, stripped back and portable lighting kit including bounce flash, cross lighting, high speed sync flash and video light. This is the kit that I take with me to all of my London weddings and won’t leave you with a huge and expensive shopping list. We’ll look at how you can work with what you have.

We’ll go back to basics and look at how flash works in conjunction with your camera settings, but in an easy to understand way, There’ll be no flash calculations, just easy, practical guidelines for you to follow.

We’ll help you channel your signature style, the confidence you have with natural light, into your flash work. You can use these skills to deliver consistent, beautiful reportage shots throughout the galleries you deliver to your clients.

This course is for you if:

·       You’d like to feel more confident, especially in unconventional venues or for late start weddings.

·       You’d love the elevate your candid and reportage photos of indoor portions of the day.

·       You’re shooting ambient light, not because you love it, but because you cant get flash looking right.

·       You think your ambient light shots look ‘alright’ but you’d like to move on from muddy skin tones and make your images sing.
What you won’t learn:

·       Loads of snazzy techniques for portraits – we’ll touch on this briefly, but this isn’t the focus. But what you will learn will hopefully open you up to the possibilities, so you can go on and create something great.

·       lots of number based stuff – I want you to get an instinctual feel for what sort of settings you should be using, and build from there, rather than dogmatically following a set of rules.
If you’re already a flash whizzbot, this probably isn’t the course for you, but if you want a helping hand to feel more confident then read on….

Want a freebie?

Sure - everyone loves a freebie.

Find out if this is the course for you, and get your free lesson – why I think flash is so important and I share some of the situations in which it’s totally saved me!


What format is the course?

It's a self paced online course comprising videos and PDFs. There's also an online Facebook community full of friendly faces to help you with any flash dilemmas and to ask any questions.

How is this going to benefit my business?

First off - I spend way less time editing winter weddings, knowing that I've got it right in camera. More free time = playtime! 

I know for me, feeling confident with flash has been a total game changer. It hasn't changed my style or approach to photographing a wedding day, I still love natural light and use it as much as possible. But it means I feel confident no matter what the day throws at me.

How do the practical elements of the course work?

As well as lessons in theory and lessons touching on my own experience and sharing practical examples, there are also three live studio sessions with a model - one for each module - demonstrating the techniques.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access. If I ever cease hosting the course on these platforms, you will be able to access a zip folder of all the lessons. So you can continue to access them.

Do I need to be UK based to get the most out of this course?

Not at all - though I am in the UK, where our rainy climate and short winter days mean that we really need to get the most out of using flash, the techniques are applicable to any photographer anywhere who needs to fight the elements or shoot after the sun goes down. Which is pretty much anyone. 

In addition, the fact I shoot so many urban weddings means I used a stripped back kit. Which is a huge asset for fellow city-based togs.

What's Included?

Module One

Getting Started

 • Why I use flash
 • Why consistency is important and applying your signature lighting style
 • What’s in my kit bag
 • Back to basics – the exposure triangle and adding in light
Bonus material including an equipment checklist and your first assignment

Module Two

Video Light (my super cheats saviour!)

 • Super simple introduction to video light
 • Video light images deconstructed and explained

Module Three

Module three: On Camera Flash

 • My simple On camera flash hack
 • Pros and Cons of on camera flash
 • High speed sync flash (AKA fill flash)
 • Editing my On camera flash images
 • Bonus: Dancefloor flash and dragging the shutter.
Bonus material including a crib sheet for your camera bag and your second assignment

Module Four

 Off camera flash isn’t scary – an introduction and all you need to get going.
 • A quick introduction to modifiers and what I use (clue – as little as possible most of the time)
 • Crosslighting – when and how
 • Other creative applications – portraits, groups etc.
Bonus material including PDF lighting diagrams of some of my go-to setups and your third assignment

Taking the class includes membership to my Facebook group, where you can get all the support and encouragement you need to work on your flash skills and hone those images.

I'm Ellie - a UK based professional wedding photographer by day:

 lover of craft beer, colourful lips and music the rest of the time.

Since my first wedding in 2011, I've shot nearly 300 weddings in 7 different countries and I'm so, so lucky that I get to call what I do work. I've been featured on sites like Refinery 29 and magazines like Rock N Roll Bride, and was voted one of the 'top photographers everyone want to work with' by One Fab Day and one the UK top wedding photographers by SLR Lounge.

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