Your complete wedding workflow: a mini course by Eleanor Gillard

Your complete wedding workflow: a mini course

Worried that a slow and inefficient workflow is holding you back? Want to learn more about Adobe Lightroom? Then this mini course is perfect for you.

Price Increases to £45 on the 1st December

What you can expect...

What will you do with all your extra free time?

For me it's about spending time with my dog (and my son!) and getting time to create and focus on other things instead of editing photos!

What it's all about

We delve into my workflow and the software and processes I use - all the way from the first cull to delivering client images through a print proofing gallery and making money through print sales.

if you've ever wanted to know more about using Lightroom, including what each of the panels do, and how to get more out the presets you've bought and tried out, then this is for you. In addition if you love the skintones, but hate the compressed greens, I teach you the tweaks I make. 

Ultimately, having a streamlined workflow is going to enable you to shoot more, run a slicker more efficient business, gain that elusive work life balance and make more money. 

What's included?


5 mins
How I manage my files
12 mins
Culling in Photo Mechanic
8 mins
Lightroom - The Library Module
17 mins
Bonus - Building Smart Previews
2 mins
The Develop Module - Gradients, masks and brushes
17 mins
Creating a new preset
2 mins
The Develop Module - The Basic Panel and Tone Curve
13 mins
The Develop Module - HSL and Split tone
14 mins
Using the HSL panel to edit for darker skin tones
2 mins
The Develop Module - Detail, Transform, Effects and Calibration
13 mins
Mogrify for Lightroom
3 mins
Creating client slideshows
10 mins
Client Print Proofing Galleries
13 mins